Glass Plate Game Course


  1. Course Description
  2. Contact Info
  3. Tentative Schedule
  4. Magister Ludi (The Glass Bead Game) by Hermann Hesse
  5. Project: Online Glass Plate Game
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Glass Plate Game Course Description

  Oct 10 - Dec 5, 2002
  11 AM - 11:50 AM

The GPG is a cooperative thinking game for 4-10 players, blending art, science, music, mathematics, philosophy, etc. We will teach the game, play it several times, discuss the book it was inspired by (reading it is optional), try out variations in topic and method, and invite specialists in certain topics to join us.

Instructors: Dunbar Aitkens & Aaron Smith cost $0.00

Contact Info

Dunbar Aitkens             Aaron Smith
753-6236                      754-7194

 Ron Rinehart              Basho Parry

Tentative Schedule

  • Tally majors and academic interests.
  • Talk about novel and the Glass Bead Game.
  • Teach Glass Plate Game, play a game.
  • Homework: Check out the webpage
GBG. (notes#1)
  • Discuss experience, variations, relative benefits.
  • Homework: Pick a book that interests you, possibly from
    of your OSU classes, from any subject,
    and make idea cards.
3 & 410/24 & 10/31
  • Break into groups and play with own cards.
  • Homework: Invite professors and grad students
    to be resourece people for week 5 & 6.
5 & 611/7 & 11/14.
  • Discuss variations in method, and playtest some.
  • Homework: Review design issues
  • Thanksgiving - No school.
  • Discuss playing in person versus online.
  • Discuss existing related projects by others.

Magister Ludi (The Glass Bead Game) by Hermann Hesse

The Glass Plate Game came out of the effort of several people to develop rules for the Glass Bead Game as alluded to in Hermann Hesse's book Magister Ludi. The Glass Plate Game was first constructed as a table top display, glued to a piece of cardboard and placed in a shallow wood box, covered by a glass plate, hence the name. A chess set was used for pieces. Also some of the sybols were photgraphs without ideas attached.

Reading this book is optional. If you would like to obtain a copy of this book, you can order one through the OSU Bookstore or borrow a copy from one of the instructors.

Project: Online Glass Plate Game

We will explore the possibility of using HTML and PHP to program an online Glass Plate Game. If you are interested in web pages, we recommend that you also enroll in the following PHP web programming course that is offered through the Experimental College.

Web Programming with PHP
Tues, Thurs Oct -15 -Nov 21, 2002
   7:00 P.M. - 8:00 P.M.
Practical introduction to the fastest growing language on the web. We will be taking a team-oriented project approach to developing dynamic web pages, using PHP. Topics include dynamic web sites, generic scripting, user input, database access, PHP basics, and other related topics. Assumes a basic familiarity with HTML and the web. UNIX knowledge is helpfull by no means necessary.
Instructor: Ben Bleything                  Cost $0.00