Hello, Dunbar,

As per our communal thoughts last discussion and the relevance to another I
am presenting some of what we have discussed toward part of the golden 5
questions. Would you please forward this to Roger and any who may be

What I hope to answer is *why* the game? Exactly find a point to develop
this procedure for manifesting communication with the method of GPG.

As of current we have a method to state a string, so to speak, of thought.
That is, Multiple ideas together, and until now, the method for attaching
these ideas toghether was the conversation that took place above the game by
the speakers. The coversation was then recorded as to how the opinions were
reacted by the O (okay), P (pass), or temproararly C (challenge).

What kept the people near each other or in direct real time communication
was the fact that the associations between the ideas must be presented

What has been arrived at is denoting associations between ideas on token
pieces, much like Black Jack chips.

Now what could be done is a game could happen like usual, two ideas are
presented, say, two color pieces are between idea 1 and idea 2, on the
second idea a numerical (for example: cube 1) die is placed. Perhaps
following the perimater of the board is a row of cards numbered as the die
are. On the appropriate spot a token placed that describes association
between the ideas is placed.

Now there is a complete string of consciousness, ideas and associations.

This may develope into an alternate launguage. I could send my cousins:

Idaho (the place where they live)
Sadness (an association)
Myself (an idea)
absence/nil/0/nothing (another idea representing me not being there)
Mountians (the sterotypical thing that I love there)

Now they may have a computer and this is all online and we are disposed of
all of the "small talk" that covers up the issues and the importance in our
consciousness that is so often supressed.

As far as next steps I see a need for a great organizational schema. We must
have Ideas ready to be grasped, and associations also. The game pieces
should be relitively straight forward. To categorize all of the ideas known
to man...

But I have some thoughts on that too if you don't mind letting me stand on
the proverbial soap box for a little longer...




With these and some sub categories we may be able to define in relitevely
short steps all that is needed to arrive at a thought with possibly good

Anyway, that is all from me for now,
Peace and Love,