The Glass Plate Game: A Cooperative Thinking Game

The Glass Plate Game is basically a conversation in the trappings of a board game. Adrian Wolfe and I designed it following a class I instigated in 1976. Pieces are used to map, against a mosaic, the conversation as players find and discuss connections between ideas represented by various regions of the mosaic. In the sets there are "idea cards" for composing the mosaic, then numbered cubes and colored transparencies for pieces tracking the conversation.

The Brittony Glass Plate Game
The Stuttgart Glass Plate Game
Internet game / chat (under contruction)

The Glass Plate Game files archives as it originally existed at

GPG-GBG.ZIP: Text files (list below)
GPG-GIF.ZIP: GIFs of the Glass Plate Game card images
    File name        Size, bytes

----------------     -----------
1.  BEADSCEN DOC     4251
  Bead Game scenes ideas for a photoessay
2.  BIBLO_A  TXT     4329
  inventory of books and articles, scipping some I wouldn't miss
3.  CASTALIA DOC     9677
  Articles from Silent Conversation about building a Castalia
4.  CERE     DOC     1684
  Suggsted opening to '77 Bead Game ceremony, later cancelled
5.  DAVE-PTL DOC     2368
  GPG intro's and other things in sections of Dan's BBS
6.  EBBAFORM DOC     1485
  SC article comparing GPG to natural language
7.  GMYBEAD  DOC     5779
  "The Glass Bead Game in Germany", SC, newsletter article
8.  GUTMAN   TXT     7733k 
  Glass Plate Game, an anthropology student's class essay
9.  HAYNESCP M       3053k 
  "Competition in Conversation," SC newsletter article
10. HOMESET  DOC     1445
  Improvising GPG Pieces in lieu of a set
11. LOGLEV   DOC     5760
  Mapping GPG moves by logical level 
12. MAILGPG  DOC     2968
  Introducing a Glass Plate Game conducted by mail
13. MINDSEYE DOC     7195
  Article on photographically depicting Bead Game's characters 
14. MUSICDK  TXT     6649
  Duane Heller's proposal of a music deck for classroom use  
15. PEOPGL   DOC     3557
  "People, the Glass Plate Game, and Computers"
16. PGBAKGR  DOC     8108
  "Glass Plate Game Backround", merge of 2 SC newsletter articles
17. PHYSICS  TXT     7880
  John christian's proposal of a physics deck for classroom use
18. RBOOK    DOC    27168
  The text in "The Glass Plate Game Handbook", 1980
19. RELSTDY  DOC    10231
  List with descriptions of cards for a religious studies deck
20. RULES    XD1     7673
 The rules published for the 1978 Glass Plate Game sets
21. RULVARS  DOC     5224
 GPG Rules variations collected from player's suggestions 
22. SYMBMAKE DOC     2007
 Rules for making symbols, used by the Bead Game photessay class
23. SYMBS    DOC    23780
 A cumulative sybols list, 1976 - 1988, well many of them
24. WHATCMPT TXT     5395
 Article about on which computer to implement the GPG. 
25. NOMIC    TXT     11351
 Rules for group rulesmaking - games, legislation and other rule systems.
March 16, 1993

Dunbar Aitkens