IF NO ONE ELSE IS ON LINE WITH YOU: A way to review chat is would be to start Netscape runnning, twice, task switch betwen the two Netscape processes, with both, visit the same chat server on the web, then log on in one of the screens and using a different user name log on in the other sceen. Now you can just chat away, task switching between the two screens. If you try this you may find one particular annoying problem, however: if your browser disconnects without first letting you log off, the chat server from which you disconnected could be left "thinking" that the port to which you had been connected has still you connected to it, so that after a few disconnects that way there are be any ports left open for you to be able to continue your chat.

CHAT AND THE GPG BOARD Start up a third Netscape process and with this third screen now visit the Glass Plate Game's board, the gpboard.html file, and task switching between the third screen and alternatively the two chat screens alternating between chatting back and viewinng or making moves on the board.

SCHEDULE OF PLAYINGS A schedule of in-person and on line playings and trial playings is (

OUTLINING VARIOUS APPROACHES What began a few years ago as a list of suggestions ( for variations in the rules for using the cards and pieces of the Glass Plate Game has gone beyond that now, commencing to be a rambling through of features in various games people have made ones inspired by thinking of what might be the game alluded to in Hermann Hesse's novel, The Glass Bead Game. A friend suggests software be created intended for people to modify at least for their protyping work, depending on what version of Glass Bead Game inspired game they want to implement.

RESOURCE CATAGORIES Funnel.html's Glass Plate Game reading resources devides them ( present, Glass Bead Game inspired, and computer aided. Discussion board threads or topics, or groups ( could perhaps be started that, to begin with, match each of these.

THE POLLS SECTION Members: If you try out posting a poll there, be aware as I found out to my embarrassment that the default configuration gets the poll, as soon as published, anounced by email to all members rahter than announced by email to just you as author. Also, you can open your poll to participation to also guests.

CARDS AND PIECES There are a few now, to send to people who have been promised them and to distribute at the playings. Practically none are left over to sell, and for the foreseeable future that may be true. organizing to handle sales and have production on a regular basis to match would be a drastic change from the casual organizaion of a good portion of the 25 years up to now.

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