Virtual office; accounting

Provides Virtual office Space (free at basic level)
Remote Accounting center (free sample and cheap afterwards)

Organizing a class or publishing your work

Internet Class Facilities (free, classes not listed
facilities to set up class free. costs by year if you want it listed)
publish on net for royalties

Chat, Interest grouops, courses to take

literarychattalkcafe.html/"> Literary Cafe & Chatrooms
interest groups, personal contact structure, chat
Teach .. take a course, chat, conference, free email, build own learn center


The spider's apprentice About search engines and how they work
Efficient, clean, browsable, managed directory, after familiarity
Homework relevent sites by subject

Glass Bead Game; Hermann Hesse

put together a list of sites (selective)
Teacher's essay on graphics for ideas
/ Modeling Language GBG as netaphore


Government (Oregon, Massachusetts,U.S.); Project Vote Smart

City of Portland, Oregon
Oregon Online - state offices
Massachusetts state offices
U.S. Congress, tabular index to activities
list of U.S. House members and their web pages
U.S. congress (follow the links within top paragraph))
Besides their voting records has real email addresses, for instance
/ look up candidates money trails

Free Internet Connection

Free DSL connection ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------


Church of No Shopping