Translatubg the Glass Plate Game into a multiplayer internet game to play
live, by email would entail providing pretty much what is discussed in
"Live Threaded Chat".

We have a program (in BASCIC, PASCAL, and C) this is mainly rules engine
based on the 8 enumerated rules of the Glass Plate Game insructions
published in 1978, and there is, rulevar2, a file abstracted from an
accumulation of various ways of playing that players have suggested.

Something recursive to broaden the project, I hope not confusingly, comes
from thinking about additional software assistance while looking for the
very sort of collaboration this project involves in order to accomplish
the job. That's not surprising, the Glass Plate Game being meant as
coopertive thinking game that we want to render on the Interenet. Example:
I was asked if I knew of a system for open text collabarorative editing or
knew of a chat system having advanced features. 

Features to have in the first of the on line versions 

1. Any move possible that conforms strictly to 1978 rules 
2. The chat moderater can cut off to further log ons. 
3. Token, moderator may times a player may receive one. 
4. Everyones typing shows live when token ready. 
5 An area to the side for added tokenized info per move. 
6. An ascii characters record growing as each move made. 
8. A hidable supply of pieces for branching.
9. Text mode available, allowing keyboard commands also. 

Features To add as time goes on 

10. Multi-room or "game tables" environment. 
11. Whisper mode avaiable from chat or board screen. ? 
12. Moves record revisable from the board during session. 
13. Database of games, previous and open. 
14. Sets of images from which to choose a set. 
15, Observers, cibitzers, and makers of only C and B moves. 
16. Rules enforcement; experience level choices. 
17. Additional mode, "auditorium." available in chat. 

Features to add for a Delux Version 

18. Choice of the desired rules of order for varying goals. 
19. Multimedia, whiteboards, avatars, 3d, Sound. 
20. Connection to email, newsgroups, threaded conference 
21. Collaborative editing: annotation, outline, diagram. 
22. Cards may be removed / added by moderator or consensus. 
23. Animated display by chain of thought: chains hidable. 

HipBone Glass Bead Game based Puzzles 
"The format of each of my puzzles is a small board 
with between two and five 'positions' into which
linked ideas, concepts, images etc can be placed," Charles Cameron 
Notes on URL's Open text publishing project. Server for mail listw 
whose archives thread. 
White paper, "Persistant Live Threaded Chat"/ 

Glass Bead Game
A nodeling language
Glass Plae Game tutor to download
passages from Glass Bead Game novel in context of what is the game. 
Glass Bead Game in a VR environment in whick users interact and play
through music making bots.
Brief introduction to GBG, to hipbone as leading GBG efforts on web
The Glass Bead Game Novel may have the key to competitive success in the
21st century.