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This heavy heat treated Blade Share is made from 4 1/8" x 3/8" flat high carbon steel; treated in latest automatic equipment with strict control, quenched in oil and tempered.
Crescent Shins are made from high carbon solid grade material.
Crescent Landside Plates are made of solid grade steel.
Each Crescent Trash Plate is specifically designed to fit your plow. Because they attach to the brackets furnished on your plow by the manufacturer, they can be installed easily and rapidly.
Crescent Conventional Plow Shares are made of high carbon plow steel. All shares have electric welded gunneis to guarantee no separation.
Crescent Moldboards are made of high carbon solid grade plow steel.
Crescent Lister Moldboards/Wings are made from high carbon solid grade plow steel.
Our Planter Runners are made to precise dimensions for proper penetration, thorough seed coverage, and greater strength. Crescent runners assist in assuring a good straight row and in preventing planter swerve.
Crescent Lister Shares are also made from high carbon solid grade plow steel, just like all of our quality products.
Our Lister Furrowers can be made in large or small quantities. "Please call or email for prices on any of our plow shares. Or see what we can customize to your preference."