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April 17, 2024: After nearly 30 years, DaDa Online will be going offline for good on July 1st. PEAK Internet is ceasing webhosting and UNIX shell availability on this date. So this little experiment in bringing more information about DaDa and DaDaism to the world is coming to an unfinished end.
Turns out that I was about 20 years premature with the project for a number of reasons. In 2001, Wikipedia was launched, which really is an encyclopedia about darn near anything, including the Dada painters, poets, and writers. Second, after last century's Copyright Extension passed by the US Congress, a lot of the documents, written between the First and Second World Wars, didn't start passing into the public domain until the end of the 2000's (or "naughts" as I like to call them). Also, while many of the artworks themselves might have gone out of any copyright protection, the photographs, unless they were contemporaneous to the 1910's, were themselves still under copyright.
So lots of website expansion never happened. Guest books and counters and web stat tracking never came back online (and in fact pretty much fell into disuse after the turn on the millennium on most of the Web anyway). Search never really came back online. And I never did make a trip to the Interational Dada Archive at the University of Iowa (although I see Mr. Shipe is still in charge over there, congratulations!).
What's coming to an end is strictly based on Peak Internet's evolving business, and I have no real qualms. The off switch was going to be hit one day. I have everything backed up. And do visit those other sites.
International Dada Archive at the University of Iowa, Iowa City, Iowa, USA
Introductory overview of Dada at the English Wikipedia

And until July 1st, visit the final version of this website here.

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