Kurt Schwitters


Kurt Schwitters was an artist, graphic designer, typographer, set designer and poet who moved to Hannover in 1919 after completing his studies at the Berlin Akademie. It was there that he started his own specific flavor of DaDaism, which he called "Merz" (allegedly from the name 'ComMERZ Bank'). From 1923-1932 he published a magazine called "Merz" in which he published his poems and art. In 1926, after a trip to Prague, he began work on his Ursonate which he performed throughout Europe for years afterward.
One of his poems, "An Anna Blume", the first line of which is "Oh Du, Geliebte meiner 27 Sinne" (Oh, thou most beloved of my 27 senses) became the title work in the collage I was involved in in Leverkusen, Germany, in 1992-93.

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