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Recent Updates:

Lots of long time users of this site may have noticed that it was looking pretty static, with not many updates lately. I'm vowing to end that...
I've started adding CSS1 functionality to many of the pages, including this one, plus get all the pages validated for CSS and HTML 4.0.
I'm still looking for information regarding Hannah Höch to add to her bio page, so if anyone could help me out there, I'd appreciate it.
In addition, the list of artworks within the English-speaking, graphics-enabled directory has had a makeover; now it includes thumbnails of the DaDa works of art I've scanned to date.

I've recently bought a scanner of my own (finally!), and as soon as I get a copy of a decent OCR program at a reasonable price, I'll start adding MANY more documents to the site.

Thanks so much to everyone for your patience.


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