Principal, Technology & Physical Science History Associates
1136 Portland Avenue, Albany CA 94706 USA
001.510.524.3216; voice call to FAX

I possess, and have extensively developed, a remarkable ability to digest technically demanding information to render it in a form understandable and appealing to an interested lay audience. I read extensively, write clearly, and teach expertly. I have always sought to apply these skills to further understanding of science and technology as aspects of human culture equivalent to the contributions of music, art, and literature.

Ph.D. and M.A. in history, Princeton University. M.A. in physics, University of California at Berkeley. B.S. in physics, Stanford University. Reading and speaking knowledge of French, German, and Dutch; extensive travel and residence in Europe.

Author of The tiger and the shark: Empirical roots of wave- particle dualism (Cambridge: 1991), of Inventory of sources for history of twentieth-century physics: Report and microfiche index to 700,000 letters (Stuttgart: 1993), five other monographs, a score of research articles, contributions to several encyclopedias including World book, Macmillan encyclopedia of physics, & Dictionary of history of science, and dozens of book reviews published in Science, USA today, American scientist, and in most journals on history of science and technology. Work done at the Jet Propulsion Laboratory has appeared in Scientific American. Full list on request. Many (far from all) are listed on the Internet: e.g. www.berkeley.edu MELVYL and associated EUREKA History of Science Society databases.

Sixteen years teaching undergraduates and adults in science, technology, and the development of both, the majority at the University of California at Berkeley. Full vita on request. California life credentials in community college and secondary education.

Two decades of professional experience with computer database design and maintenance; our ishtcp is the largest database ever assembled of primary sources for study of science. Interactive internet information at URL: http://www.peak.org/~danneng/www/ISHTCP.html Experienced in many operating systems: Burroughs, Data General, IBM, and DEC- VAX/UNIX mainframes and IBM/DOS PC microcomputers. Knowledge of many computer languages: algol, assembler, basic, c, cobol, fortran, infos, speed, and others.

More than a decade of administrative experience supervising the work of several score of part-time workers and graduate assistants through the University of California on a quarter-million dollar budget. Consulting for many, including publications for the San Francisco Exploratorium.

Hands-on archival experience acquiring, organizing, filming, and using collections of primary manuscripts in many European and American libraries.

Many years of professional editorial work on monographs and periodicals; book review editor for a major journal in history of science and technology for eight years. Grant proposal referee for both NSF and NEH since 1978.

I have a deep and consuming interest in serious music in western culture from the earliest preserved Gregorian plainsong through 20th century expressionism. I built and (when I find time) maintain & play a harpsichord. I repair my automobiles, and can fix most anything macroscopic.

Listed: Contemporary authors, 104; Stanford ProNet.