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   Decorative Egg Art

WELCOME: The giving of decorated eggs has been an important tradition in the old world for many years. The egg symbolizing the source of life is given to express the love and friendship that lies deep in the heart of the giver.

I create and sell fancy decorated egg shells for all occasions: Christmas, anniversaries, weddings and birthdays. I have a few made up ahead of time that are listed under Eggs for Sale. Examples left and right.

Click on an example to enlarge, describe and price the egg.

The pictures that are on the Weddings, and Decorative Egg Art pages are eggs displayed to give you an idea of what I have made in the past and sold. This will give you an idea of what I can create with your ideas, theme or special occasion. Wedding eggs take 2-3 months so order early.

In the summer I start making hanging ornaments for the Christmas tree. If you want to see what is available at any given time I will take a picture of what I have and e-mail it to you. I work with eggs of all sizes, from finch to Ostrich.

I design many of my own creations, and use designs from other artist, sometimes blending the two to create my concept of what I want it to look like. If you have something special in mind we can work together.

Payment is easy; you can pay through PayPal even if you do not have an account with them. I can send you a invoice through them and they will send you a link that explains your options. The cost of the egg does not include shipping and handling. I take the egg to a company that packs and ships it. The cost will be added to the invoice.

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