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The following eggs are available for sale. E-mail me if you are interested.


Russ Hagan design, Lincoln's Cabin #191

There are 3 pictures of Lincoln on the front of the Emu egg. The opening is surrounded by gold and black crystal chain. There are two light sources. One is a small one that twist on attached to the top gold figure. The second has a switch on the back of the base and lights up the windows in the cabin. 9 1/2" tall.

$75 + S&H

20-20 Winter and Summer

The bottom half is summer in the forest, with deer running in the background and one checking out the lake. There is a turtle at the base of the tree on the right hand side, and a purple glass swan on the lake. Made from Emu egg 14".

The top half has a penguin race set up with other penguin's coming to watch.

$50.00 plus shipping & handling

Spring Brings Flowers #17

The iris flowers drapes around the lattice on both sides. The flowers are made with blue and purple beads. A ceramic doll stands inside on a grassy path with a few flowers inside. The back is cut in a lattice pattern with green vines going through it. The rhea egg is approximately
5 1/2" - 7" tall. The stand is 3-4" tall. $75 + S&H

Spring time in the South #15

A swan egg is used to make this creation. There is lattice cut on the sides and the back. The egg is painted green, a color that is close to the eggs natural color. Embellished with gold metal leaves on top and at the base with pink flowers and ribbons. Inside stands a maiden with a parasol ready for her walk in the park. 8 1/2" from base $95 + S&H

Swan Egg #21

This swan egg is made from a Rhea Egg. The wings are beaded on the outside. The inside is covered with Ribbon in a Star Quilting Pattern from the bottom up the sides, and a white and gold cord frames the inside at the top. A variety of colored beads are around the swans neck, hanging from the tail and around the bottom where it sits on a corian base. A unique one of a kind item. $125.00 & S&H

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