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   Decorative Egg Art

The following eggs are available for sale. E-mail me if you are interested.


Kachina back

Kachina left side

Kachina Indian doll - front

6 1/2" from base, 6" long Ostrich egg completely beaded with 15 hex beads, $400 + S&H, one year to complete.

Easter Bunny

The Easter bunny has been baking a cake with her small son. I am sure the duck helped. They sit in a 9" goose egg, $35 plus shipping and handling.



Russ Hagan design, Lincoln's Cabin #191

There are 3 pictures of Lincoln on the front of the Emu egg. The opening is surrounded by gold and black crystal chain. There are two light sources. One is a small one that twist on attached to the top gold figure. The second has a switch on the back of the base and lights up the windows in the cabin. 9 1/2" tall. $75 + S&H

Black Swan #18

The body of the swan is made from a goose egg. The head and neck are covered with "no hole" black beads. Gold metal filings are glued on to represent feathers. Gold is embellished with rhinestone chain and pearls. 4 1/2" tall, $75 + S&H

Spring Brings Flowers #17

The iris flowers drapes around the lattice on both sides. The flowers are made with blue and purple beads. A ceramic doll stands inside on a grassy path with a few flowers inside. The back is cut in a lattice pattern with green vines going through it. The rhea egg is approximately
5 1/2" - 7" tall. The stand is 3-4" tall. $75 + S&H

Spring time in the South #15

A swan egg is used to make this creation. There is lattice cut on the sides and the back. The egg is painted green, a color that is close to the eggs natural color. Embellished with gold metal leaves on top and at the base with pink flowers and ribbons. Inside stands a maiden with a parasol ready for her walk in the park. 8 1/2" from base $95 + S&H

Jewelry Box #13

This is a Jewlery Box made from a Ostrich egg. It stands 6" from the base to the top and 6" wide. The outside is beaded with Off White seed beads and 15 hex beads make the flowers and leaves. The round holes and the opening is decorated with pink rhondles, pink chain and gold cord. Pink no hole beads are around the pink rhondles. Inside the top of the box is beaded with pink bugle beads. The bottom of the box is the star quilting pattern made from pink and white ribbon. A chain keeps the top from opening too wide. A unique one of a kind item. $175.00 & S&H

Swan Egg #21

This swan egg is made from a Rhea Egg. The wings are beaded on the outside. The inside is covered with Ribbon in a Star Quilting Pattern from the bottom up the sides, and a white and gold cord frames the inside at the top. A variety of colored beads are around the swans neck, hanging from the tail and around the bottom where it sits on a corian base. A unique one of a kind item. $125.00 & S&H

Small Jewelry Box #22

Jewelry Box - Giving that special someone a piece of jewelry, here is the perfect one of a kind jewelry box to put it in. Made from a goose egg. The lid is lattice cut around the flowers and leaves that are beaded. Framing the top and the bottom is a gold rhinestone chain with gold hearts between the rhinestones.
There is a gold chain in the front to open the lid. The bottom and base of the egg are white pearl beads. The inside of the lid is covered in green pearl flakes. The bottom is lined with green velvet. A perfect way to say how special you are. $75.00 & S&H

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