Decorative Egg Art


by Carolyn Mandelkow

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   Decorative Egg Art

Wedding egg made to order. Incorporate your wedding colors in the design. It can be simple or embellished with flat back Austin Crystal, rhinestone chain or pearls made from rhea eggs approximately 6 1/2 - 7" tall. Sits on a stand 2, 3 or 4" and a Corian base. Can be used as a wedding cake top or kept as a memento. Inside egg can be traditional bride and groom or doves or something special you want put in it. Free estimates on your ideals.

Wedding Couple #1

Bride and Groom standing in a rhea egg (5 1/2 - 7") with lattice cut in back. Beaded rhinestone hearts and decoration on top and each side. Sits double heart stand placed on a Corian base.

Wedding Couple #2

Bride and Groom standing in egg on Corian base.


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