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(U.S. Western Reps for Tim Bullock)

All of the log homes shown on this web site were handcrafted by:
Timothy J Bullock (Master Craftsman)

A charming handcrafted cottage

This site will discuss Log Homes, Handcrafted Log Homes & Timber Framed Homes.

There is a sense of solitude and peace as we take those first few steps into a forest. The farther we penetrate into this wonder of nature the more overwhelmed we become. With each new step the surrounding trees seem to envelope us with a feeling of grandeur. How then can we boldly enter into their world and calmly remove these giants one by one?

I presume that we justify our actions because timber is one of the few natural resources that is renewable by man and nature. How very fortunate we are. We must never abuse this good fortune. Wood has been used for endless applications with unequalled results. There are countless items that would not have the same quality, appearance, or feel, if they were made from alternate materials.

Over the years I have had the pleasure of working with wood and have never lost my desire to use this product. One of my first projects made from wood at age twenty was a 14' runabout. My next project was a little more envolved. At twenty-seven I started work on a open cockpit biplane. There were several different materials used in this project but the wings and center section were made entirely from wood with the exception of the fittings and covering. This airplane after flying for twenty-six years had no visible signs of wood fatigue. These wings constantly flex in flight and are able to withstand 9-g's positive and 6-g's negative which is a testamony to the durability of wood. In more recent years I have had the pleasure of owning a 45' wooden racing sloop. This sloop was built in 1962 and was raced extensively. When we purchased her in 1982 I decided to perform a complete refit. The surveyor assured us this vessel was in excellent condition. They do not look everywhere. After removing all the flooring and inspecting all the ribs and planking I had to agree. No damage anywhere and no dry-rot. Just one more testimony to the durabiliy of wood. Next, a handcrafted log and timber frame home which I presently reside in. And finally my current project another wooden boat, a Console Skiff..

If you are a person who enjoys and appreciates wood and you are in the planning stages of building and enjoying a log home the following information may be of some service to you.

"NOTE" The following information is basic and definitely does not cover all the items needed to build a handcrafted log home or a timber framed home The author of this information accepts no responsibility for items listed or not listed below. This is not a legal document or guide to building a home and the legal advice of a certified Realtor, Engineer, Attorney and a Licenced Contractor is advised.

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  1. Choosing the right property. *
  2. Checking building codes and area restrictions.
  3. Basic plans, building site and home orientation. *
  4. Finding the right builder.
  5. Preparing your site. *
  6. Foundation, drainage and septic system. *
  7. The sub floor. *
  8. Log walls. *
  9. Plumbing and electrical.
  10. Roof overhangs, and porches.
  11. Timber framing *
  12. Windows and doors. *
  13. Insulation, sealants and protective coatings.


Our log home as it appeared in the June '99 issue of Log Home Living

(Built by Tim Bullock)
  1. Our Log Home
  2. Our Interior
  3. Livingroom
  4. Maddy
  5. Maddy
  6. Maddy

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