In The Garden of Eden


Killing is Neat!
art:Krayon Kid
Bush's January 2003 State of the Union address repeated the various lies for invading Iraq. However, some of his comments (e.g., "he has shown utter contempt for the UN and the opinion of the world") were remarkably accurate when applied to himself. Commentators include Professor Francis Boyle, who offers reasons why Bush should be impeached. Let's not forget that Bill Clinton was impeached for lying about sex, a private act between two consenting adults.

Consequently, Bush should be not only impeached, but investigated as a war criminal for lying our country into an unnecessary conflict which has resulted in hundreds of US troops killed and thousands wounded, along with 10,000 dead Iraqi civilians. Here's a short but sweet memo to all Iraq hawks (especially those who are planting the WMD): Hey, we told you so! And as for our previously-brainwashed brethren, welcome back to the fold... you still have time to cast your vote to send King George back to his photo-op ranch.

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Music based upon "In-A-Gadda-Da-Vida" (words and music by Doug Ingle © 1969)
Lyrics by The Compassionate Conservatives
Original release Feb-2003


In the Garden of Eden baby,
A tyrant rules the land
Even worse than that ole Osama
And the Taliban...
We wage war in the name of peace
We don't care about our fellow man
The only thing we'll liberate
Is the oil under the sand.

Oh won't you come salute to me
I'm in command...
Your patriotic duty
Is to bomb the Holy Land...
Take out Saddam!

In the Garden of Eden baby
We follow God's command
We don't need a smoking gun
To push forward with our plan
Gonna take out his loyal subjects
Just because we can
And you know what we really want:
All the oil under the sand.

You're shipping out tonight
On my command...
Goodbye to your wife and kids
Let the tears flow free as free as this land,
And blood in the sand.

Here in the Garden of Eden
We've done all we can
You say we're playing games,
We've given in to your demands
Come to Mesopotamia
March into the Promised Land
On the banks of the Tigris
We shall make our final stand

There is no God but Allah
My life is in his hands...
We bow our heads in prayer
As the bombs rain down upon our land
Blood in the sand.


"In-A-Gadda-Da-Vida" original words/music by Doug Ingle
Copyright © 1969 Cotillion Music / Ten East Music / Itasca Music
Revised lyrics and musical arrangement by The Compassionate Conservatives
Copyright © 2003 The Compassionate Conservatives

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