Cheap and Dirty Jumps

To make two jumps you will need the following:cheap4.jpg (71786 bytes)

(4) 3/8" fiberglas electric fence posts, 48" high (or shorter)
              These are found in farm supply type stores.
(4) 2" binder clips - found in office supply stores
(2) 10 foot length 1/2" PVC
(4) 1/2" PVC end caps (optional)
(1) 10 foot length 3/4" PVC
some electrical tape for striping

Cut the 1/2" PVC pipe to 40" lengths (or 36" lengths, there isn't much
that's very rigid about Cheap and Dirty Jumps). If you like, glue a 1/2"
end cap on one end. This makes your PVC upright useful as a "pounder"
when you've forgotten your rubber mallet. You can also use 3/4" PVC
for the uprights but no larger or the binder clips won't fit.

Cut the 3/4" PVC into 4 foot lengths for your jump bars. Stripe the
jump bars with electrical tape.

cheap1.jpg (46862 bytes)

cheap3.jpg (37917 bytes)

Pound the fiberglas poles into the ground. Slip the PVC pipe onto the fence pole. Clip on the binder clip (see photo to right). The "arms" of the binder clip are the resting place for the jump bar.

cheap5.jpg (31935 bytes)


cheap2.jpg (26210 bytes)