PVC Ladder from Kurt Glaub (with minor modifications)

This ladder breaks down into 3 pieces, Each piece is 4’ long and about 14" wide. It can be broken down a lot more but it will take a lot longer to set up.

Materials Required

4 pieces 1/2" schedule 40 PVC pipe 10 foot long
1- 4 ounce can PVC cement
28-1/2" schedule 40 PVC tees
4-1/2" PVC Ells

  • Photo below shows one section of ladder:

  • ladder1.jpg (51558 bytes)


    Cut PVC pipe into 30 pieces 12" long, 12 pieces 6" long and 8 pieces 6" long for legs. If you prefer not to do so much cutting, some building supply stores carry cut 12" and 6" pieces.


    Step 1, use 4 of the 6" pieces and attach an ell to one end of each piece as shown below. Glue each joint.

     Step 2, use the 8 remaining 6" pieces and 4 tees and make pieces as shown below. Do not glue! (Not glueing is what allows these pieces to swivel and fold flat for storage or transport.)



     Step 3, use the 12" pieces and remaining tees and make 3 frames as shown below. Glue each joint.



     Assembly is complete. To use, put sections together using the "L" shapes and "T" shapes. Glue 6" leg pieces to the ends of the ells and the projections of the tees (8 total). Turn these legs outward to make a lowerd ladder for toy breeds.


     Happy training.

    Kurt Glaub (LABMAGIC)
    Hamilton, Ohio