Weave Pole Base – 3 poles

Bill of Materials:

2 - T-Straps, Simpson Strong-Tie product # 128T (12” x 8”)
1 - Straight Strap, Simpson Strong-Tie product # MST37 (37” x 2”)
1 - Roll of tape, Packaging or Duct Tape
3 - ” PVC Pipe Plugs
3 - ” PVC Pipe Couplers
3 - ” PVC Pipe Caps
1 - 10’ Length ” PVC Pipe, Class 200 or Sch. 40
3 – Fasteners, Nuts and Pan Head, Bolts or Pop-Rivets with Washers

weave1.jpg (44957 bytes)

Caution: The metal straps used for the base are designed as seismic restraints in building construction. They may have sharp edges. These edges can be removed with a file.

  1. Drill holes as follows:

The type of fastener chosen determines the size of the hole that needs to be drilled.

  1. Insert a fastener in each of the holes dilled and attach a ” PVC pipe plug to the middle of the straight strap and each of the two tees.

  2. Lay the straight strap on a flat surface. Align tees on the ends of the straight strap and adjust the overlap to yield a distance of 20”between the attached pipe plugs.

  3. Mark the overlap and tape tees to the ends of the straight strap. While taping, double-sided, carpet layers tape may be used to hold the parts in place.Note: These parts can be permanently attached with pop-rivets or bolts and nuts.

  4. Cut the ” PVC Pipe into 3’ lengths and place a coupler and cap on either end of the pipe.  When using the stand, gently slip the coupler end of each pole over the plugs attached to the stand. 

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Tom Tutt
Sublimity, OR