DADS WEEK Proclamation

                                     Dads Against Discrimination
                                     P.O. Box 1299
                                     Corvallis, Oregon 97339

                                     May 17, 1997

Helen Berg, Mayor
City of Corvallis
501 SW Madison Avenue
Corvallis, OR 97333

Dear Ms. Berg,

On behalf of the Benton County Chapter of DADS Against Discrimination 
(DADS), I respectfully propose that the Mayor of Corvallis, Oregon, 
proclaim the week of June 15-21, 1997, DADS WEEK in Corvallis.  

Whereas, Dads Against Discrimination, (DADS), is a nonprofit, and 
         tax exempt corporation established by divorced and unwed 
         fathers for the benefit of all fathers for the purpose   
         of supporting, protecting, and defending fathers and     
         their families; and

Whereas, DADS is recognized as America's largest fathers' rights  
         organization, and the authority for building and         
         supporting fatherhood in America; and

Whereas, DADS provides fathers with monthly support and           
         informational meetings in Corvallis, along with a weekly
         hour long informational television program on public     
         access, as well as research into the positive impact of
         fathers on their families; and

Whereas, DADS recognizes fathers and fatherhood as the foundation 
         upon which families are built and civilization           
         maintained; and

Whereas, DADS has extended its compassionate understanding,       
         influence, and self-help information to all fathers,    
         both locally and state wide regardless of their personal 
         diversity of race, national origin, or creed.

Thank you for your time.


Jeff Edwards, Director
Benton County Chapter
Dads Against Discrimination