Gentlemen, Please print, copy and share:

As Fathers Day,1997, comes into focus, those of us who are interested in "FATHERS" or "DADS" should have a plan to offer the public that shows the importance of fathers in society, (even our own society). Please allow me to remind you that Fathers' Day is a day set aside to HONOR fathers and perhaps show our respect for fathers in family life (... see web site click on FATHERS DAY).

Putting out war stories on a purple wall, and claiming to be a victim (suggesting "look at poor me") is a very "self- centered" act and does not show honor or respect for fathers. Letting balloons fly into the air likewise does not show honor or respect for fathers. In fact, these acts miss the whole point of FATHERS DAY, and these acts fail to show the family value of having a father at home.

Unfortunately, many industrialized societies have created Government sponsored (socialist) programs that seem to provide for displacing and/or replacing fathers in a families' day-to-day life. At the same time that these Government sponsored (socialist) programs are created they are sold and promoted to the public as good programs by using sales "code-word" language. However, government sales "code word" language for promoting its programs always are berating, demonizing, villafying and/or avoiding the use of the word "father" altogether.

For example, the Federal Government and the 50 States have defined the word "family", so that fathers are not necessarily included. Please remember that socialist funding programs offered by the government are to displace and/or replace fathers, and never to support a father and his family. This point is made very clear when one considers that the Federal government, and the 50 States offer NO FUNDED PROGRAMS THAT HELP FATHERS do anything, but in contrast, there are so many government programs for women that no one knows how many there are, or how much we spend on them, even thought treating men and women differently with government funded programs (as in SEPARATE BUT EQUAL) is unconstitutional. (see Brown vs Board of Education)

("JOINT CUSTODY" activists, who by the way, ARE NOT FATHERS RIGHTS activists, seem to be very silent on these points.)

(The purpose for NOT including "father" in the definition of "family" is purely for government funding reasons. The government, both State and Federal have NO PROGRAMS that set aside money for fathers and their children.)

Here are a few examples, of government sponsored (socialist) programs "code-words" used against fathers, or substituted for the word "father" :"deadbeat dad", "male role model", "mentor", "responsible parent", "obilgor", "visitor", "other parent", "male responsibility". The government sponsored word "access" is very popular this year, because it sort of takes away the harsh reality of it all, and government people love a good deception. That is why our Capitol is called Washington D C, (Deception Center).

Another method of government sponsored program and "double speak" is the 1997 model of the US Postal Service being used with its stamps for a "public awareness " DOUBLE SPEAK meaning sales and promotion of DOMESTIC VIOLENCE PROGRAMS that the Federal Government has bought into and wasted millions on. The government will tell us (wrongly) the number of calls that it receives, but will not say what percent of the calls have no basis in fact, because 90% of the calls are worthless.

(Again: "JOINT CUSTODY" activists do not approach theses issues)

Gentlemen, since we know that there can be no government program that could ever replace FATHERS, we need to keep the government's hoaxes in mind as we create plans to show honor and respect for fathers on FATHERS' DAY.

Government programs for children fail to offer children love, care and daily guidance as the children grow up. Government programs for children fail to offer the loving open arms to run to for personal security when a child feels a need for such security. Government programs for children fail to direct children as to "right" and "wrong" . Government programs for children fail to offer any moral basis in life. In short, government programs for children is the same as planting seeds in a garden that will grow into weeds in the future, and destroy the garden. (garden here means society)

Perhaps we should suggest or demand that the Federal Government show its respect and honor fathers by placing into law some or all of the following:

Washington D C 800-972-3524

  1. Return the tax exemption (lost in the 1986 Tax Reform act) for the children that divorced and unwed fathers pay child support.
  2. Re: the current $500 per child tax credit for "families?": Such $500/child tax credit should go to FATHERS who pay child support.
  3. Re: "Obligors" : Fathers who are required to pay child support should qualify for "Affirmative Action" jobs if they exist.
  4. There should be a tax credit or exemption for the money that non-custodial fathers spend in transportation for visitation.
  5. Re: WELFARE... Before placing a woman (who may not be a mother) on welfare, quot;welfare clerksquot; should be required to ask one very simple question:


The above simple question would save tax payers money. The above simple question would allow for "Due Process" and "Equal Treatment" under the law for BOTH PARENTS and the children, while using our tax dollars. The above simple question would save millions of children from being welfare cases. The above simple question would place children with a "Working Parent", showing the child an example of what society expects of them as an adult.

These are a few of the thoughts that FATHERS RIGHTS ACTIVISTS should examine that JOINT CUSTODY activists never seem to see. Also, the so called MENS RIGHTS activists with their focus on non father issues seem to miss these same points. This is why fathers make little headway, because everybody else is misdirecting their efforts.