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The Oregon Legislature has made avaialbe live audio from the Oregon Senate and House Chambers, as well as from committee meetings. You can also hear archived audio of meetings from previous days and years.

Oregon Legislative Audio Page

To use Legislative Web Audio/Video, you must have a computer with a sound card and speakers or a headset and RealPlayer® software on your computer.  For system requirements and questions about setting up RealPlayer, see the Technical Support FAQs on the RealNetworks Support Site.

Legislative Session 2005

Oregon House Bill 2941 (html | pdf) would permit man to petition court to reopen issue of paternity if blood tests show zero percent probability that man is father of child. Establishes conditions under which court may render judgment of nonpaternity. Every father in Oregon should support HB 2941!

Listen to the public testimony by DADS America (RealPlayer®) supporting HB 2941 (html | pdf) which was held on Wednesday April 6, 2005. Read the Oregon Paternity Bill HB 2941 (html | pdf).

Listen to the public testimony by DADS America (RealPlayer®) opposing Senate Bill 234 (html | pdf ) on February 24, 2005. Forward to the 1 hour 3 minute mark for the start of testimony on this bill, DADS testimony starts at the 1 hour 18 minute mark.

Legislative Session 2001

2-19-01, Public testimony on HB 2339, forward to the 34 minute mark.

2-14-01,Listen to the public testimony on SB 340, a bill to lower the trigger for license suspension from $2500 to $500.

2-5-01 Listen to the public hearing on HB 2339. Start at the 22:00 mark.

1-29-01 Listen to Public Testimony concerning anti-father SB 165, SB 337, SB 338, SB 339 & SB 340. Listen to how the several fathers point out the conflict of interest that the child support division has.

Legislative Session 1999

Below are some audio links to selected testimony.

6-10-99 Ever complain about child support? Ever wonder how laws concerning child support become law? Listen to the Senate Judiciary Committee have a public hearing and work session on HB 2225 and HB 2234. Both bills take a total of 6 minutes for public testimony, work sessions and are passed out of committee with do-pass recommendations. Wham bam thank you ma'am, another child support regulation goes through committee without opposition. HB 2225 deals with unclaimed child support (why not give it back to the person who paid it, or use it to support visitation!). The Oregon Division of State of Lands wants to get its hands on this money but the Oregon Department of Justice would like to keep this unclaimed money in a child support account (earning interest), because if the money is given to the state, the federal government will reduce the amount of federal money Oregon gets for its child support enforcement program. Audio runs from start until 6:00.

5-26-99 Public Testimony and Work Session on SB 1075 - a bill that modifies factors court must consider in determining child custody in domestic relations matters. Specifies conditions for parenting time of abusive parent. Allows petitioner under Family Abuse Prevention Act to move residence more than 60 miles from abusive parent if court does not award parenting time to abusive parent. This is a sneaky move away bill. Time runs from start to 26:00. At the 12:30 mark listen to a committee woman state that the rebuttable presumption in this bill is a "big burden". Also listen to how these "race to the court" laws are used to gain an advantage in child custody. Please note that the State of Oregon does NOT recognize male victims of domestic violence. House Judiciary - Civil Law.

5-17-99 Work Session on anti father SB 319 - (See below for bill description) Gets passed out of committee, next stop Senate Floor. Audio runs from 6:00 until 15:00. House Judiciary - Civil Law.

5-12-99 Public Testimony on anti father SB 319 - which modifies provisions dealing with peace officer's responsibilities when responding to incident of domestic violence and allows court to order emergency monetary relief when entering family abuse restraining order. This would also order "relief" to the alleged victim, in other words this bill would encourage getting a restraining order for the purpose of getting "play money" from the "alleged" perpetrator. It is recommended that you listen to the whole session, it lasts only 43 minutes and gives interesting insight into restraining orders. SB 318 is from start to 22:00. At the 14:00 mark, listen to the female representative from the Oregon CADSV blame men and paint women as the only victims of DV. Note the statistic she states that 393 women were murdered by their husbands in 1996, but no mentioned of how many men were murdered by their wives, why not? Please note that the State of Oregon does not recognize male victims of DV. SB 319 runs from 22:00 and again frames the DV issue as women vs. men. House Judiciary - Civil Law.

5-3-99 Public Testimony on father friendly SB 1097 - Creates Commission for Fathers and Families. This was the second Public Hearing on the bill with the Senate Health and Human Services Committee, it made it out of committee with a do pass recommendation, only to die in the Ways and Means. Advance to the 1:47:30 mark for the start of public testimony on SB 1097.

4-21-99 Public Testimony on father friendly SB 1097 - Creates Commission for Fathers and Families. Senate Health and Human Services Committee. Advance to the 1:07:00 mark for the start of public testimony on SB 1097.

4-14-99 Public Testimony on HB 3451, HB 2803, and HB 3452. See descriptions below. House Judiciary - Civil Law.

  • HB 3451 - Concerning joint custody, from start to 30:00 and 1:28:00 to 1:47:00. Listen to riveting testimony of how easy it is for one parent to move away. At the 20:00 mark listen to the committee talk about domestic violence, and then the testifying Grandmother informs the committee that it was the mother who was violent...listen to the silence!
  • HB 2803 - Relating to financial responsibility for child of minor parent, would have Grandparents pay for minor childs children. At the 42:00 mark, listen to representative Hill say that fathers get off "scotch free". WOW, you can contact representative Hill at hilljim@legislator.org. Testimony runs from 30:00 to 47:00 and 1:47:00 to 1:59:00.
  • HB 3452 - Relating to enforcement of parenting time, from 47:00 to 1:28:00. Listen to the committee drill David Neball from the Oregon Law Center (1:06:00) who is testifying against this bill. Listen as the committee makes David squirm.

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