Visitation Tips & Hints

Some tips when trying to exercise visitation

Contact the law enforcement agency where visitation will take place. Notify them of the situation and ask them for their policies/procedures relating to enforcement of visitation. It is always good to notify the police and give them a heads up that you might need their assistance.

Obtain and keep on yourself all signed court documents that relate to visitation. These documents should detail specific visitation schedule that can be enforceable by the police if needed.

The following is a basic out line of what is needed to enforce a visitation order.

Another suggestion from a frustrated father:
"I wish to share with all of you a tactic I have used to enforce my visitation. Each time the "custodial parent" interfered, I filed a small claims action against her for gas money, time wasted, any purchases like baseball tickets, theme park tickets, airline tickets, ets; and for loss of companionship of my children. My most notable win was $2400 in 1991. I sent tickets to the children to fly to Seattle to visit me. She never took the kids to the airport. I sat at SeaTac for 3 house over 2 arriving flights. The judge awarded full reimbursement of the fare, lost time at work, $50 for lost time at the airport, and $1000 in punitive damages. 60 days later I garnished her wages and got all the money. I have won several awards using this tactic. You even get court costs and filing fees if you win. Try it!"

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