ASCII chart in html

OK [update] here's a more direct one, for unicode

To make a character in your .html file, such as ©, embed © where you want the character. A table showing all the possibilities is available as a separate page for convenient printing; it makes a handy reference. This table was generated with a perl script.

I have discovered that if you put in the binary code instead of the html escape code it works as well - as in A instead of A or instead of ¤. Run the above perl script with the b option to create that chart.

I imagine older browsers might have hiccuped on binary codes, but mosaic, netscape since version 2, hotjava, and ie since version 2 work great. If you're brave, click on the link to see what all the binary codes (0-255) do to your browser!

This stuff has been discussed at length on the net, and an excellent report is available and recommended.


Most NT and 95 systems come with the symbol font installed. This font maps Greek characters and lots of other neat and interesting symbols. Just surround the characters to be converted with <font face=symbol> and </font> and you too can display:


To make a complete chart of the symbol font, run the perl script with the s option.

(The b and s option can be combined)