I generated all possible six-letter combinations and permutations of the letters a, b, c, d, e, f, l, and o, and piped the result through a spell checker. I changed the letter o to a 0 (zero) and the letter l to a 1, so I had list of valid hex numbers. When these are used as the argument for an html color attribute (bgcolor=fff9f7, for example) you get the following. For instance, feeb1e is actually a strong yellow; efface and f1eece generate more appropriately self-descriptive shades. And c0ffee is more sky blue than decafe!

accede addled afocal albedo alcade allele babble baffle balboa balded
ballad balled baobab beaded beadle beclad bedded beebee beefed befall
befell befool bladed bobbed bobble boddle bolded bolled boloed boobed
booboo boodle cabala caball cabled cadded caddle calfed called calloo
celled cloaca coaled cobbed cobble coclea coddle coffee coocoo cooled
dabbed dabble decade decode deeded deface deflea delace delead doable
dobbed doddle doffed dolled doodad doodle efface elodea fabled facade
faddle faecal feeble felled fleece foaled fobbed folded foobaa fooled
ladled leaded leafed loaded loafed lobbed locale lolled oleoed coldblooded

If you shake enough spell checkers at the following, most of them squeak through, but strike me as rare, archaic, or dubious. Here they are anyway.

aboded abolla accoll adobed aefald afaced alclad aloofe babool bacaba
baccae baffed balada balafo bebled becall bedaff bedead bedeaf bedell
beelol beflea belace beleaf beleed belled cabbed cabble caecal caffle
calaba calade calced calool cebell celebe cellae cledde cobaea cobcab
cobola coccal codded coecal coffle colead collab colola cooboo coodle
cooeed daddle dadoed daedal daffed daffle debcle debell decede decoll
defade dodded doodab doolee ecbole eelbob faffle fallal feeded felloe
feodal flabel lablab laccol lacoca lalled lobola lobolo locoed olacad

The following bribed handsomely.

ableed alaced aloeed babeed beeded boleed booldo cafeed cedeed cocaed
codeed coeded colaed colded colled dadded deaded deafed decafe delled
dodoed doeded dolced foeded fooded ledded leeded loboed odable odeded

If you put in red, blue, or green, you'll get those colors. Browsers recognise hundreds of actual color names. They might not recognise a lighter shade of pale, though.

You can put less than six hex digits, such as b1eed or ad0be. I think it pads with zeroes. You can also put in more than six hex digits, such as cafebabe or fl00ded. (I snuck in coldblooded into the last cell of the first table, above.) I don't think it necessarily just takes the first six hex digits.

You can actually put in what you please. Try bgcolor=beautiful or rainbow or dumb. I think, if it's not a recognisable color (like pink or violet), it reads any valid hex digit (a-f) and ignores other characters. I'm not sure of the algorithm, but if nothing is recognisable, it just pads with zeroes, which results in black (ugly).

So are you completely whacked, or do others do this kind of stuff?

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