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Letter emailed to Peter DeFazio 22nd Novmber 2004.
The Gullibility Virus site is as good a starting point as any for you to point all your otherwise well meaning friends who forward you all those joke lists, virus alerts, and petitions to sign.
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"Data-Secrecy Export Case Dropped by U.S." New York Times, 12 January, D1. "U.S. Closes Investigation In Computer Privacy Case." Washington Post, 12 January, A11.

The Justice Department said it will not prosecute computer programmer Phil Zimmermann, who developed the encryption program known as "Pretty Good Privacy" that makes it simple and inexpensive to send scrambled messages. The program was placed on the Internet where it could easily be copied internationally. Export control laws treat the software as a weapon and there are strict controls on the export of data-coding software. No reason was given why the case was dropped.

The Phil Zimmerman legal defense fund.

"Landmark Telecommunications Bill Becomes Law." Wall Street Journal, 9 February, B3. "Ushering in a New Age in Communications. Clinton Signs `Revolutionary' Bill into Law at a Ceremony Packed with Symbolism." Washington Post, 9 February, C1, C9. "Communications Bill Signed, And the Battles Begin Anew." New York Times, 9 February, A1, D16.

Moments after President Clinton signed a landmark telecommunications bill, 500 Internet sites darkened their screens to protest provisions against "indecent" materials over the Internet, and the ACLU, together with 19 groups, asked a federal judge to block the provision, saying it smacked of censorship. Article includes information about long-distance carriers and how the bill would affect their services.

Please sign the petition to fight Senator Exon's Communications Decency Act, which would place unreasonable restrictions on private electronic communications, among other provisions.

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