21 November 2004

Dear Mr. DeFazio,

The Democrats have betrayed their people by not only allowing the incumbent cabal to reinstate miserable failure to the White House but also by not fighting tooth and nail to highlight the voter suppression and fraud and reclaim the presidency.

I am surprised we haven't seen more riots, firebombing of the courthouse in small-town America, and smearing of shit on pictures of miserable failure in state buildings.

Assume the initiative and pull together Team Blue the democrats currently holding office. Get behind and work with folks like BlackBoxVoting.org and theRandiRhodesShow.com who are already doing your dirty work for you. Send ruthless squads of lawyers to recount in Ohio and Florida. Get that wimp Kerry into the White House now.

The world is at stake. The cabal is taking full advantage of the festering acquiescence, just as did Joseph Stalin and Adolph Hitler early last century. World War Three has begun. Purging is ticking along nicely. Concentration camps in America are right behind Guantanamo Bay and Abu Ghraib. A dark aura seeps across the nation and the world. We have entered the dark cycle.

We put you into office to protect us against the stealing of votes in Florida: ILCA, of 1,500 % voter turnout in Ohio: PDF, of oppression at the voting booths, that Michael Moore warned of. Why are my friend's kids in an illegal war in Iraq? Why are my kids in fear of their government?

Rally us to your cause. We're ready with time and money. Give us the word.

Yours sincerely,

Mr. Smith

Note to reader please forward to Mr. DeFazio.