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  1. What is The American·British British·American Dictionary (for English Speaking People)?

    It is a dictionary purporting to define American in terms of British, and vice versa. It also includes a number of articles outlining reasons for, and instances of, differences between American and British English.

  2. What is the status of the dictionary?
    Press the button in the main dictionary page, and the date of last update is shown, along with other information.
    Most of the articles have a footer which shows the last update date.

  3. When will the printed book be available?

    29th February 2004 USA, May 2004 UK.

  4. I have questions about words, language, American, English, …

    See the FAQ.

  5. Are you still soliciting corrections and addenda?


  6. What's the deal with the little symbol I'm seeing everywhere?

    It's the spinning delta (δ for dictionary), and many of them can link together , as words do both semantically and in lexical networks.

  7. Where can I get the dictionary?

    Online on the web; in book form from here, amazon.com, Barnes & Noble, Borders, and amazon.uk.

  8. Do you have a version of your dictionary in postscript, PDF, word, or some other form that I can print that looks nice?

    The whole project is now available on the web. All the files are in html, and the graphics are gifs and jpegs. As such, pages can be saved from your browser in various formats (text, postscript, html) and printed on your local set-up. Of course, you could also get the book .

  9. I have been wondering, whether it would be possibile to use some of your dictionary to some extent on our site.
    I was trying to download the software from your home page. It seemed like you do not let people do so.

    The dictionary is (currently) only available as a web page and book . I'm interested in making other formats (text file, PalmOS file, database, PDF, other?). Let me know what you'd like.

  10. Do you want to chat?

    email is the best for me. I currently don't IRC, salon, or messenger.

  11. Who owns it?

    The whole work is copyright © Jeremy Smith, 1991-2018.

  12. I have more questions!

    When you send them to me please remind me to add them here, in the 'about' section - thanks! See the FAQ for questions about words, language, and spelling.

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