The Graigian Society

We initiated the Green movement in 1965 because of our deep concern for the natural world. We deplore the suburbanisation of the countryside and the spiritual void which lies behind this. We work for a future in which both the environment and the human psyche are revived and purified.
The Graigian Society: 10 Lady Somerset Road, London. NW5·1UP England • 0171 · 485 · 1646

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The Fool, Angel and Lion, by Green Brother Hereward. “In me you let go of all speculations and intolereance of the world and the people around you”. Let your journey through life be guided by your guardian angel and yet have the courage to face difficulties.

The Graigian Society • Tel: 0171 · 485 · 1646

The above picture is the front of a postcard from The Graigian Society. The text is on the back of the postcard.

The following cartoon is one of the illustrations from The Graigian Society's book, The Future Will Be Green 1996 ISBN 0 9529120 0 7. A massive papier mâché phoenix paraded in the streets (of London) with 'djembe' drumming accompaniment, ushered in this book in April 1997. (Djembe is a kind of African drum.)