The Possomery
A Touch of Didelphinity

The impulse of the possum becomes loose through my veins with pleasing delight.

Views from the Possomery: { new! rainbow fire garden tree bottles pond weed circle back deck Creek }
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The (Mayan) Opossum God carrying the Rain God during the New Year Rites (cacao is to be offered). This picture is from the Dresden Codex, and I found it in Sophie (and Michael) Coe's book The True History of Chocolate. [Colouring of both pictures by me :) I was trying to figure out whatnot on earth was going on.]

The Opossum God carries out an image of the Maize God to a shrine at the entrance of the town during New Year ceremonies (Dresden Codex). This picture I found in The Maya by Michael D. Coe.
Kinetic Sculpture Race, Corvallis 2002 Macaws!

Volcanic Support Group


Pond Scum


But where the hell is the Possomery?