1. I got these developed in Peru, so they are not that good. But it gives you an idea of what we've been doing. All these were taken on the same climb (except the last one). This photo os me next to a nest. Behind me is the River Tombopata. Yes that is a beard! Only cold showers here, no shaving! Nancy took the photo from another rope.

  2. This is the view the other direction and down. That is the center I am living/working at.

  3. This is one of the birds that is trying to make babies at this nest. They've laid six eggs this season and have had no luck.

  4. This is Nancy coming up a rope close by my rope. We love climbing.

  5. The same bird flew over to a tree I was on. He is shaking.

  6. This is a baby in another nest. It is about to fledge (leave the nest) Macaws fledge after 3 months. (It took me about 360 months :-).

  7. Eugenio y chiquitas.