Hi Dessa,


(And no, I detect no relation between the Dalai Lama and possums, apart
from their intrinsic divinity.)

OK, there are three things to do.

   Convince my boss that it is the companies best interest to send me
   to Guatemala and environs, the fortnight of 16th April to the 28th
   April 2000.

   Figure out the primo target to land in Mexico, Belize or Guatemala
   so that Gene can easily pick us up if he wants to.

   I'm thinking of booking a flight from LA or SF to the spot.

   My plan is to look in the Sunday Oregonian travel section for all the
   deals to the area, call all the best ones, and then reserve the best.
   (I meant to last Sunday - Dessa, you might glance this Sunday.)

   Looking online (www.expedia.com) for a round trip from San Francisco
   on the above dates gives me:

	Cancun $539
	Merida $517
	Mexico City $411
	Puebla $590
	Guatemala City $779
	Belize City $571

   Cancun and Merida are both on the Yucatan Peninsula, where we'll
   probably travel to anyway.

   Puebla is near Mexico City.  My cousin lives in Mexico City, so if
   I get hold of him, Mexico City looks pretty good.

   Belize and Guatemala are perhaps local trips once we get there.

   Get some appropriate footwear (Gene? - are Teva's fine or should I
   get hiking boots?)

Dessa!  Is Lon trying to get rid of you - buying you a ticket!!!
What about spending money, and money for contingencies like hotels, food,
huge tips for travel companions, and expenses for Bald Guy therapy after
volcanic trauma!  Jeez, what's he thinking?

As for work,  I'm as busy as how are you, but it's nearly the weekend.

(OK, Scotty, are you salivating yet - did you see Gene's fine volcanically
coiffured hair-do?   Awesome!!)


Jeremy |-)

This is the official organ of the *Volcanic Support Group*.  Please
distribute to all who are coming to the Easter festivities of Gene and
the Volcano in the Mayan regions.

Please note that on every reading at least one offering to the Possum
God shall be made, and (at least) one dose of Bald Guy equivalent shall
be heartily quaffed.

Also, one unexpectedly festive action shall be randomly performed in a
suitably crowded place.