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From: The Possomery 
To:,,, (Gene "La Machina" Weast),, (Scott "horned huevos" Schmidt), (King Carole of duckies waeschpis and possums), (Bjarni Jonsson), (Lucy (and Arthur) Watts),, (Chris Kratzer)
Date: Sun, 27 Feb 2000 13:59:41 -0800 (PST)

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> From: Bjarni =?iso-8859-1?Q?J=F3nsson?= 
> Subject: Icelandic volcanos activated
> Hi Jeremy,
> I hope you are fine over there,
> As I know that all of us are fans of volcanos, well our most famous
> Icelandic volcano, Hekla started erupting last night. We have everything
> tourists want to see, running lava, explosions, and burning sky´s. This is
> in an unhabitated area so there is no danger, except for people that go to
> close!
> Any news about traveling plans? Are there more people going or just us?
> I asked a Spanish graduate student at Holar if he could teach me spanish in
> a month, he just rolled his eyes. When I told him that I was going to
> Chiapas, he got all excited on my behalf and told me that the most butiful
> girls in Mexico were in Chiapas, the old Mayja race. Well weel I hope he is
> right, but they are also Catholic!
> Anyway, if you see some of my friends in Corvallis tell them I miss them!
> Especially Mike Pond and people him alike. Also the local drinks I miss,
> Shakespere stout and those treats, veggie´s burgers, and coffee at the
> Binery. Those you will have to drink with a tost.
> Cheers,
> Bjarni

Uncle Bertissimo responds:

   Hi Tutto, my firm ones,

   I am ecstatic I eat customary to put under the enthusiastic
   relationship of the vulcanico consortium of sustentation, that grows
   for pulls and limits.

   Plan to be in Mexico shone upon over April 17o and following Dessa
   the fine week, and turn over on the ventisettesimo one of the climes
   merciful of Guatemala.

   No matter who, who wishes to astonish us with an aspect by cameo during
   this time will be festooned with the local shrubbery and others you
   leave of the bicycle.

   The impulse of the possum becomes loose through my veins with pleasing

   his affectionate Onkelbert

Err... we'll whaddyaknow!  My Italian alter-ego.

Anyway, after a few pints with Dessa and Scotty, we're aiming for the
17th April till the 28th.  Gene reckons the first week in Mexico, and
the second week in Guatemala.  We'll be getting tickets this week and
will let you know what we find.

Previous Volcanic Support Group Bulletins can be found at

For a festive time, type possomery in a Yahoo search.

I found one subwhelming picture of Hekla at

Bjarni, please do a Gene and post some museum-quality shots of Hekla.


Yer luvin Uncle Bert |-)