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The following are examples of PostScript programs. They are all less then 12k, most less than than 5k, and are my explorations into PostScript and its usefulness.

Clicking on the graphic below will generate a jpeg image in your browser; click on the text below the graphic to download the postscript. Open with Adobe Acrobat (or GhostScript - see technical notes below).

Fredrick The Groovy Hollster
Some impossible scaffolding
Lissajous figures
hsb color chart
rgb color chart (3 pages)
rgb color cube kit
Psychology of color
A test page for printers
May bifurcations (chaos theory)
Universal Map Scale

Slope estimator chart

A protractor
The value of the dollar (and the £) since 1600
A 10 inch ruler in 10ths of an inch, and centimetres
An elevation map of Clem's Sultry Ultra a 50 km hilly ultramarathon race, and the 15k cross country race, held on Sunday 5th May 1996. And here's them both superimposed . For subsequent races check out Clem's Ultra pages.

The following are movies, or PostScript code running in loops to animate the graphics. If you view with pageview, a PostScript printer, or some such, you'll see a brick. If you use GhostScript, you'll see how it got there.

A flying brick
The sun rises and sets over an impossible megalith and casts a shadow
Illumination source moves around a sphere

I managed to get a calendar algorithm to work, and so here are a bunch of calendar applications:

Prints a one year calendar
A 55 year calendar (1986-2040)
Formatted for a notebook, prints 6 months on each side
Formatted for a notebook, prints each month of a triathlon training log

Technical notes

To print these files on a Unix system to a postscript printer: lpr -Pprinter_name To print on a win32 system, use Ghostview, or invoke Ghostscript help (gs -h) to see the available devices, and then gswin32 -sDEVICE=printer_type

Clicking on the graphic will generate a jpeg image in your browser; click on the text below the graphic to download the postscript.

The jpeg image is fuzzy and innacurate compared to the real postscript output. Also, you only see the last page of multipage outputs.

If you do not already have a PostScript printer/viewer, we suggest the freely available GhostScript

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