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"Here there be dragons." Those words mark the edge of the map, the unknown, realm of the KRAKEN a fearsome monster whose giant tentacles will reach up an pull an unwary ship to its watery grave. I love this monster. I am fascinated with what we have learned what we have learned about the creature behind it. But I also love the unexplored edges of the map.

I didn't know that my life had changed completely that day in third grade. Marnie Baxter called me from across the playground, "Hey, Kraken!" It became one of many nicknames I picked up throughout childhood.

It's my favorite nickname and the one that I have chosen for myself. When I taught at outdoor school and needed a camp name, that's the one I used. I was Kraken for several years in the pouring rain, showing the wonders of Oregonian nature to sixth graders. We played tag in the trees by moonlight and marveled at baby crayfish. I have also been Kraken to complete strangers (and some of my best friends) over the internet. I don't tend to do that in the pouring rain, but the moon is often high overhead when I'm online.

Somewhere along the line I began to wonder about this creature that I had named myself after. I knew it was some sort of squidlike sea monster, but that was about it. I discovered that the real giant squid, Architeuthis dux, is a mysterious creature. I guess that's appropriate. I can be a pretty mysterious creature, myself. My researches into the fact, fiction, and fancy of the Kraken appear on these pages.

The Squid in Literature

Mandatory link to Tennyson's Kraken poem
I am compiling a list of books and the occasional movie that feature the Kraken. enter if you dare...

The legends

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The Explanation

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