l*st for shoes

a tribute to the shoes in our lives

when we were young, we tucked our feet into sleek pumps, teetered on impossible heels and paid merry tribute to the glory of shoes ... shoes that made our legs look terrific, shoes that made us feel tall and powerful, shoes that fulfilled - or substituted for - our fantasies of glamor and style.

now that aging feet and precarious balance demand sensible shoes, my beautiful shoes hang on a rack behind my bedroom door, memorabilia of my light-footed youth.

- my shoes -

blue satin mules

royal blue satin mules, circa 1939. brand unknown

black suede pumps

the ultimate joan crawford ****-me pumps. black suede, with double ankle strap, circa 1946. southwood exclusives

fuschia pumps

fuschia slingback platform pumps, circa 1945. brand unknown

proof they're still making great shoes. purple and black life stride pumps, 1997. these are almost comfortable!

when i am an old woman, i shall wear purple shoes

my every-day summer shoes: proof that comfort doesn't have to sacrifice style. purple suede zeetas with cork footbed, 1998.

- shoes of the menobabes -

i cobbled (ahem) this page together on a whim after the subject of shoes, and our mutual infatuation with them, came up in one of my favorite newsgroups, alt.support.menopause. it evidently touched a chord, because jpegs began pouring into my mailbox. i love the thought of women all over the country busily photographing their favorite shoes ...

we are the menobabes. by our footwear ye shall know us.

- adri's shoes -




white boot

- schu's shoes -

and a pretty snazzy skirt, too...

- laura's shoes -

brown shoe

sensible (but stylish!) brown shoe

contralto's shoe

originally owned by a famous Philadelphia contralto

- who needs hormones? we have accessories! -

- ... a couple of laura's trademark fans -

classic summer hot-flash fan

tacky fan

incredibly tacky fan purchased during a trip to England

- our mothers' secret lives -

this fan, along with some other interesting japanese erotica, was among my late mother's effects, probably acquired during our air force tour in japan, 1957-60. ... pat

... more to come ...


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