This is the official page for the Meadows & Lake Kathleen Railroad

This is the official page for the Meadows & Lake Kathleen Railroad.

Updated December 2, 2013

My Story


In 1972,  I "came to realize " life is just to short to not follow dreams so I made a promise to myself that I could resign my job of 16 years as a Southern Pacific Railroad Brakeman/Conductor only if one day I would build and have my own railroad. Towards that end, when I resigned in 1977 I had over 13,000 pounds of railroad track and became a Landscape Contractor. Over the next 20 years I moved that track 7 times while looking for the right property to build a railroad on. Kathy and I found that perfect property in 1996 and over the next 13 years and with the help of over 100 "new" friends the dream attracted, we completed my dream.....and celebrated with a golden spike celebration on October 13th, 2007 with over a mile and a quarter of very beautiful, scenic and landscaped railroad.


Kathy and I took an old 40 acre 1885 "Homestead", where no one had ever gone to the dump and cattle had been raised since 1935 and converted it into a very beautiful Private Park. We planted around 600 trees and several thousand flowers and shrubs, built our house and several outbuildings over the last 16 years...and... built a mile+ long, 18 inch gauge railroad complete with bridges, trestles and even a tunnel. While we built our park with love and the thought of living here for the rest of our Earthly years, bureaucrats have taken offense to our railroad and have taken the fun out of living here anymore, so we are currently removing the railroad, selling it and the property and going elsewhere. Someone else can enjoy living in this very private valleyup a 3/4 mile long gravel driveway where the only sounds are the wind, the waters and the elk. This is a perfect place to get in touch with your soul and the heartbeat of Mother Nature. We have never allowed any hunting or fishing on our piece of heaven and because of that, wildlife abounds and for the most part feel safe on this place we fondly call "the Meadows".


The Property


40 Acres of some of the "most beautiful" privately owned property in the world. We are completely surrounded by National Forest and the nearest neighbor is over a mile away. It has 3 year round streams with trout, 14 year round springs and a lake the size of a football field filled with trout. From fall to spring, King and Coho Salmon populate the waters as do beaver and otter. About half the property is in pasture and rarely a day goes by the elk and deer are not on the property somewhere, hence the raised bed garden with the 8 foot high fence surrounding it.

 The House

In 2002, Kathy and I built the 1,700+ square foot home with a huge unfinished basement. It has three bedrooms and two baths and a great kitchen overlooking the garden and meadows. The house complements the big barn and shop space that were here when we bought the place in 1996. Several outbuildings, including a greenhouse, a garden storage, beautiful chicken coop and goat building as well as a picnic port, storage and even a small building at Lake Kathleen make the place practical as well as fun.

The House and Property have been sold.

The Railroad (track, switches and rolling stock) have been sold and distributed around the country.


Feel free to email us with questions or for photos.


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