The Mike Curtis Klezmer Quartet


The Mike Curtis Klezmer Quartet features musicians who have honed their skills in the beautiful, livable obscurity of the Great Northwest. As performers for 15 years in such groups as the Hester Street Klezmer Band, Second Avenue West, and Oomph Intercontinental Klezmer, they have found a haven in the bouyant and nostalgic world of klezmer.

At the same time, they have continued their parallel existences in jazz groups: Tone Sharks, Path, and the Famous Daves; free music units: Zygoat, and Guss; and classical oufits: Oboe Madness, and the Eugene Symphony. Their Klezmer ends up revealing these and other ambient American influences with the result that the MCKQ has its own unique voice within the burgeoning contemporary klezmer scene.

Mike Curtis (sax, clarinet, bassoon, oboe) spearheaded Street Song and plays on several Louie outings. He has a varied musical career playing bassoon in a variety of symphony orchestras, from Mexico City to Eugene. He currently teaches at Willamette University.

Dave Leslie (keyboards) is featured on Street Song in addition to having two fine CDs (Path and Confluence) on his own label, Orb Records. He has played in many fine Portland bands over a long career including The Famous Daves, Manteca, and The Ron Steen Trio.

Dan Scollard (bass) plays a very unique style and has been called "the best electric bass popper in ages" by The Rocket. He currently performs with Thousand Pieces and Porterhouse.
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