In 1969 Dave Storrs came up from a rehearsal in the basement to watch man walk on the moon. He participated in, and absorbed, the music of the time -- Hendrix, Coltrane, The Beatles, Miles Davis, Mingus and James Brown. Between music, some school, some hitchhiking, and playing all kinds of styles in all kinds of places, an approach emerged.

Seeing Sun Ra in 1979 inspired Storrs in new directions and in the 80's he began leading and composing for various ensembles -- Freezer Burn, Multnomah Rhythm Ensemble and The Tone Sharks -- as well as doing film and video scores. Storrs first albums, Ross Island (1984) and Jumper Cables (1987), received national air play and critical acclaim. Of Jumper Cables Cadence magazine said, "Storrs' band offer convincing evidence that virtuoso jazz experimentation is taking place on the West Coast."

In 1995 Storrs started Louie Records and continues his restless, experimental ways. He has over a dozen recordings out under his name.