"How powerful a man do you have to be to be able to shoot someone in the face and have that guy say, 'My bad...'"



With the closing of Abu Ghraib, testicle electrodes dangle quietly; the hoods rustle in the wind....

     "If you Accidentally, say, shot your friend in the face, Wouldn't you go with him to the hospital?  If not in the ambulance at least in one of those bulletproof cars they provide.   He was drunk!"

                                        - Al Franken 












      Sections 411 and 802 of PATRIOT broadly expand the official
definition of "domestic terrorism," so that college student groups who
engage in certain types of protests could very well find themselves
labeled as "terrorists." For example, the Sheriff of Hennepin County,
Minn., once declared that the student groups "Anti-Racist Action,"
"Students Against War" and "Arise" were all potential 'terrorist' threats.