We have a reason to celebrate.

2010 marked a notable year in the number of salmon counted in the Eel River Watershed, as well as in many of our other northern California rivers. The quantity of chinook salmon counted in the Eel was equaled only by fish counts conducted in the 1940’s.



With celebration as a theme, during 2010-13 1 taught a set of art and ecology workshops. I have now conducted 12 workshop for a total of 200 student. The following is a discription of the project that generated the suite of prints and paintings that were shown at the Humboldt State University First Street Gallery in Eureka, April and May 2012. A more in depth description may be found at the HSU First Street Gallery site.


The workshops combined an art project; drawing and screen printing, with science; watershed dynamic, salmon biology and restoration, to celebrate recent years of productive chinook salmon returns. The workshop were designed for 8-20 students taking place for 1 to 1.5 hours in two sessions. Students produced stencils based on their drawing of salmon and each printed a set of flags using all the stencils.


  An art show was assembled at the Humboldt State University, First Street Gallery in Eureka, California during April and May of 2012. The show contains the canvases, some of the original drawing, paper prints, flags and an overview of the watershed with a focus on the perils of the current salmon runs and solutions for a healthier watershed.  
  Shown above are flag sets and drawing produced by elementary school students.  






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