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Recent Sculptures by Michael Guerriero

Finding Balance

86" x 48" x 36", stainless steel rod, 2019, Installed at the Fistera Gardens Townhouses, Yachats Oregon

This sculpture represents four figures that are finding balance in their relationship with the Earth.

Atmospheric carbon levels are now equalling those that caused a mass extinction 1.5 million year ago.

Our challenge is to find balance in this changing world.

There are four intergenerational figures. The youngest is touching the sphere as the result of the support delivered by the other three.

It is an unlikely configuration and the figures are not immediately apparent.

It refers to the unfocused situation that we all find ourselves in this day in age.

Grasping to understand, I believe that like the pose of of these four figures, however difficult and unlikely,

we too will eventually see solutions toward finding balance.

It is built of 160 feet of 3/8 inch stainless steel solid rod. I used a torch to facilitate bending the rod around a two-prong

fork on a blacksmithing post vise. Connection work was made using a MIG welder. Mounted on a 42 x 24 pedestal, the sculpture is 86 x 48 x 36.

Situated in a garden for 21 households,it is an Oregon Housing and Community Services project

built by a Yachats non-profit developer, Our Coastal Village, Inc.



72" x 24"x 24", stainless steel rod, 2017

Installed in a private garden North of Yachats, Oregon.

Salmon Tree

54" x 48"x 48", stainless steel rod and driftwood, 2016

Installed in a garden near Ten Mile Creek, Oregon.


48" x 26"x 10", stainless steel rod, 2018, $200


48" x 48"x 12", stainless steel rod, 2017.


36" x 26"x 10", stainless steel rod, 2017.

Two Salmon

48" x 36"x 24", stainless steel rod, 2015.

Ford Foundation Sculpture Suite

stainless steel rod, 2015.

A Ford Foundation community leadership project installed nine mosaic covered planters in Waldport, Yachats and Seal Rock.

finding Balance, Salmon Tree, Two Salmon, Seal, Pelican, Kokopelli, Heron, and the Ford Foundation planter project sculptures are copyright 2019 to Michael Guerriero. Written permission is required for reproduction in any form whatsoever.

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