Elements and Dreams Serigraphs by Michael Guerriero

Peaks, Holes, Sticks and Petroglyphs

21"x 13.5" edition of 52 1994 $160

This print is product of my interest and facination with a newspaper article
about petroglyphs refound along an isolated stretch of the Eel River.
At the time I was reading the last of the Carlos Castanada books that stimulated
an effort to illustrate that dream world he describes so well.

Red Sprites and Petroglyphs

21"x 13.5" edition of 50 1995 $160

I consider this a sequel, in that dream world where jumps between realms is possible.
The burst of red is from a article about an upper atmosphere phonomenon
that occurs over thunderstorms in the Midwest call Red Sprites.

Burning Questions

21"x 13.5" edition of 94 1996 $160

Occasionally I burn some brush that is product of the firewood harvest.
I have a distinct interest in describing a set of primal elements.


21"x 13.5" edition of 74 1999 $200

The surface of water is one of those elementary combinations of shape, color and reflection.

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"Peaks, Holes, Sticks and Petroglyphs", "Red Sprites and Petroglyphs", "Burning Questions"and "Immerse" are copyright 2014 to Michael Guerriero. Written permission is required for reproduction in any form whatsoever. Return to my homepage