Making a Serigraph

Printing these landscapes became an obvious occupation for me in light of the beautiful mountains surrounding my home and my interest, since 1968, in serigraphy (commonly known as screen printing). This is a stencil method of printmaking, where a loose woven polyester screen, stretched on a frame is used to support the stencil.

I make a drawing to use as a reference under the screen. Then, I look through and paint on the screen to form the stencil. A thick rubber-bladed squeegee is then used to press the ink through the screen onto the paper below. Each colored area on the print involves making a stencil, mixing the ink, registering the edition of paper on the baseboard the screen is hinged on, printing and drying. As I produce the entire edition on one screen, the stencils are subsequently washed out or reduced for the following stencil. to get the color blends, I mix the inks into a well on a sheet of glass with the squeegee then carefully move it to the screen in the same area for uniform results.

The inks that I currently use are Golden acrylics mixed with Lascaux screen printing medium.

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