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Serigraphs by Michael Guerriero


Lassic to Shasta

edition of 42, dated 5/2001, 12"x 28" image size, $340

Black Lassic was an easy drive from my home. At 5916 feet in elevation, it offers a sweeping view
of the surrounding mountains; the Trinity Alps, Shasta, the Kings Range and the Yolla Bollys.
The western range of this area is a roadless wilderness area under the protection of 1964 Wilderness Act.
This is a view at dawn, looking northeast toward Shasta.

Black Lassic

edition of 42, dated 5/2001, 12"x 28" image size, sold out

This is a view northwest from Red Lassic.

Eddy to Shasta

13"x 19.5," edition of 92, 1994, $200

Mount Eddy is the highest peak in proximity to Mount Shasta.
It was a fun day hiking and camping with a group of friends and family
in the backcountry.

Indian Cave

7.5"x 24", edition of 82, 1988, $190

It was a rare oportunity for me to visit this beautiful desert in the Johua Tree National Park.
My family enjoyed several hikes guided by my Uncle John.
This is the trailhead to Ryan Mountain.



7.5"x 24", edition of 90, 1990, sold out

This is a view south from South Fork Ridge on Highway 36.
The peak on the far ridge is named after the Lassic People that resided in this area.

Larabee to Lassic

7.5"x 24", edition of 81, 1986, sold out

Here is another view of Lassic from the west.
This valley is named for the settler who brutally sought to rid the area of the Lassic People who lived there.


Only Eleven More Miles

7.5"x 24", edition of 81, 1986, sold out

West of Bridgeville, it's late and I'm heading home.

West of McClellan

7.5"x 24", edition of 84, 1988, sold out

The sunsets on the Kings Range west of here.


7.5"x 24", edition of 80, 1996, $190

I see this rock every time I drive down the county road to the highway.
Given the opportunity, I listen for the screech of the Peregrine Falcons.

"Lassic to Shasta","Black Lassic", "Buck Mountain", "Indian Cave", "Lassic", Larabee to Lassic,"Only Eleven More Miles",
"West of McClellan" and "Stratus"
are copyright 2015 to Michael Guerriero.
Written permission is required for reproduction in any form whatsoever.

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