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Recent Serigraphs by Michael Guerriero

Phases of the moon over waves breaking

Making Waves

18"x 9 1/2" edition of 14, 12/2015, $190.

moon jellyfish ries in a blue sky

Moon Rising

18"x 9 1/2" edition of 15, 11/2015, $190.

A breaching whale in a green sea, while a flock of birds swirl above

A Likely Oversight

18"x 9 1/2" edition of 5, 5/2015, $190.

Linger Perpetua

13"x 19 1/2" edition of 16, 3/2015, $200

A short walk from home reveals this stretch of coast.

Mere Moon

18"x 9 1/2" edition of 19, 3/2015, $190

Madrone Berry Pi

19"x 27" edition of 19, 6/2011, $250

The madrone trees develop clusters of bright red berries late in the year.

serigraph of Yachats river Beach

West of Yachats

12"x 19.5" edition of 42, 2/2011, $200. This is popular beach at the mouth of the Yachats River.

serigraph of dogwood flowers


19"x 27" edition of 8, 9/2010, $250

serigraph of moonlite sky

Finally Full

19"x 27" edition of 9, 9/2010, $250

serigraph of foliage

Maple Flip

19"x 27" edition of 4, 8/2010, $250

serigraph of oak foliage

Oak Circle

19"x 27" edition of 10, 8/2010, $250

serigraph of foliage

Bay and Madrone

19"x 27" edition of 6, 6/2010, $250

serigraph of madrone foliage


7.5"x24" edition of 37 10/2008 $170

serigraph of bay foliage

Bay by Day

7.5"x24" edition of 20 10/2008 $170 A foliage study of the trees outside the studio.

serigraph of bay foliage

Night by Bay

7.5"x24" edition of 17 10/2008 $150

serigraph of Eel River

Riparian to Pasture

11"x28" edition of 38 3/2008 $340 The Eel River at Fernbridge is wide and shallow, causing considerable
erosion along the south bank during winter high water.


serigraph of Van Duzen River


11"x28" edition of 25 2/2008 $340 The Van Duzen reached flood stage in January, 2008.
This is from Goat Rock when the flows were at 25000 cubic feet per second.


serigraph of Mount Lassic

Lassic to Shasta

11"x 28" edition of 57 11/2007 $340 At the crest of the Van Duzen watershed there is this place where one can catch a view of Shasta.

Mere Moon, Linger Perpetua, Madorne Berry Pi,Bay and Madrone, Oak Circle, Maple Flip, Dogwood, Finally Full, Madrone, Bay by Day, Night by Bay, Riparian to Pasture,
High Water, Lassic to Shasta
are copyright 2015 to Michael Guerriero. Written permission is required for reproduction in any form whatsoever.

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