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The Salmon Cycle Series

There is a long and tested relationship between what is produced by the ocean and what is protected by the earth. I never cease to be amazed by the cycle of salmon; fish hatched in modest mountain streams find their way downriver, gaining the strength to acclimate to sea water, where they flourish for a few years in the wide open ocean. Then, with nothing less than the call of the wild, these mature salmon return back to their welcoming fresh riparian stream to spawn and die, delivering a gift of nutrients to the trees and foliage that offer their sanctuary to the cycle. In the last three winters I have come upon several large chinook salmon that had been stranded and then died on the bank of a side channel of the Van Duzen River. Seeing these fish, that were sometimes nearly four feet long, was astonishing. Recognizing this opportunity to record, I returned with paint, paper and canvas and lifted prints from their exposed sides. The five panels and two canvases are products of this work. The serigraphs, Returning Composure, Walking on Their Backs and There's Redwood In Salmon contain images that are derived from the salmon prints.

gyotako printed salmon with painted redwood

Just Logged

34"x 93" acrylic and collage on panel. Can be seen at Ona Resturant, Highway 101, Yachats Oregon

gyotako printed salmon with painted redwood
Last Run

36"x 48" acrylic on canvas


18"x 48" acrylic and collage on panel

Van Duzen Salmon

18"x 48" acrylic and collage on panel


18"x 48" acrylic and collage on panel


18"x 48" acrylic and collage on panel

Gaining Composure

21"x 46" acrylic and enamels on canvas

There's Redwood in Salmon

19"x 27" edition of 31 2004 $250

Returning Composure

19"x 27" edition of 22 2004 $250

Walking on Their Backs

29"x 46" edition of 6 2004 $540

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"Logged","Last Run", "Van Duzen Salmon","Steelhead","Blue", "Red",
" Gaining Composure", "Walking on thier Backs", "There's Redwood in Salmon"and "Returning Conposure"
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