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A selection of seascape serigraphs by Michael Guerriero

West of Yachats
13"x 19 1/2" 2/2011 $200 In an edition of 42 prints
This is a popular beach at the mouth of the Yachats River, Oregon.

Wedding Rock
13"x 19 1/2" 6/2005 $200 In an edition of 68 prints
There are weddings held frequently on this
point in Patricks Point State Park.

Four in One
21"x 13 1/2" 12/2003 $200 In an edition of 60 prints
Simple dynamics take place where seas meet land, where the elements, earth, air, fire and water
stack up to describe place.

Lost at Usal
27"x 12" 2/2002 $240 In an edition of 37 prints
The Lost Coast is a long and isolated coastline in Northern California
where the mountains drop into the Pacific. This view is
near Usal Creek at the south end of the Sinkyone State Wilderness Area.

Mouth of Big

7.5"x24" edition of 79 1992, (sold out)

The Big River runs into the Pacific
at the town of Mendocino. It is unique
on this stretch of coast for its tidal estuary that goes
inland for serveral miles.

Out to Sea

7.5"x24" edition of 78 1991 (sold out)

I have the opportunity to travel the coast of Mendocino County
once or twice a year. Whenever possible we camp on
these bluffs north of Westport.


7.5"x24" edition of 116 1995, $190

Sweeping views of the California Northcoast
can be found at Patrick Point State Park. This is a view
of Agate beach with a portion of Big Lagoon in the distance.

Punta Gorda

7.5"x24" edition of 89 1997, $190

The north end of the Lost Coast Trail
begins at this beach near the mouth of the Mattole River.

Another Mad Diversion

7.5"x24" edition of 89 1997, $190

A look north from the bluff at Clam Beach where the Mad River makes a turn into the Pacific.

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"Wedding Rock"," Four in One"," Lost at Usal", "Out to Sea", "Mouth of Big","Agate", "Another Mad Diversion" and "Punta Gorda" are copyright 2015 to Michael Guerriero.
Written permission is required for reproduction in any form whatsoever.
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