Step by Step

During the process of producing this serigraph, I have collected at set
of photos to illustrate the progression of stencils to build an image.

Using photos and studies, I drew this cartoon of the full size print to
use as a reference under the screen to paint the stencils.

Here is a new screen, hinged on a baseboard with prop,
with the cartoon set to the registration marks.

This is the first stencil, painted on with some solvent based poster
ink that I can later wash out with a citric turpine screen wash.

This is the ink well set up on a sheet of glass to mix a three
color split fountain blend.

By scraping the squeegee back and forth, I have mixed blend.

The ink is then pressed through the screen onto the paper set to
registration on the baseboard.

and the sky is blue...I set up 72 sheets of paper and printed each
one with the first stencil. Each sheet has been marked with a short
line top and bottom that corresponds with a line and tee mark on the base board to assure registration.

The second stencil is a ridge while the third is of a low cloud done with a simi-transparent ink over both the blue and the green to get two colors in one pass.

The fourth is a large reduction stencil which will be the first of several over this area.

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