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A selection of forest serigraphs by Michael Guerriero

Between Tanoak and Maple

26"x 19 1/2", edition of 49, 3/06, $340

A view through the woods of McClellan Mountain.

Redwood Reversion

19"x27", edition of 60, 5/03, $340


A view into a redwood canopy.

Spanning Solution

19"x27" edition of 57 2/2000 $300

This bridge, designed by John Leonard, spans the Van Duzen River by

Grizzly Creek State Park. This view is from the new bridge that bypasses it.

Bias Effort

21"x13.5" edition of 52 1994

This is a view west from my home. There is

a discernible character to these old fir trees around here.

An Understanding

13"x19.5" edition of 80 1994

The clouds and fog lay low in the redwoods before

the warm morning sun burns it off.

March Snow

7.5"x24" edition of 99 1987

We had some heavy snow in the spring of 87.

Relatively Obscure

21"x 13.5" edition of 50 1997

This title,"relatively obscure", aptly describes

of my prefered notoriety as an artist.

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"Between Tanoak and Maple", "Redwood Reversion", "Relatively Obscure", "Spanning Solution", "Bias Effort"," An Understanding", and "March Snow" are copyright 2015 to Michael Guerriero. Written permission is required for reproduction in any form whatsoever.

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